Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has been used over the past decades as a herb because of its vital chemical compound allicin which has medicinal properties. Allicin contains sulfur which gives the herb the pungent smell. Garlic has a number of beneficial uses such as fighting heart ailments, lowers blood pressure, fights cold etc. Garlic also contains minerals such […]

Health benefits of Guacamole

Guacamoles are very beneficial to our bodies as they protect our bodies from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, helps in weight management and enhance the absorption of nutrients. It can help reduce the risk of cancer, vitamin K deficiency etc. They are also good for our eye sights as they help keep our eyes healthy while at […]

headaches during pregnancy? what are the common causes

Headaches are most commonly experienced during pregnancy especially during the first and third trimesters.   Some of the common causes of headaches include:- Dehydration Sometimes we might get headaches as a sign that our bodies are dehydrated.  Hence it is essential that you always keep yourself hydrated especially during pregnancies. Stress We all get stressed […]

Benefits of chewing food

Digestion starts in the mouth.  The physical process of chewing food helps breakdown larger food into smaller particles thereby reducing stress on the esophagus. It also helps the stomach metabolize and to breakdown the food. Saliva also contains digestive enzymes which when released assist in the digestion of food. Health benefits of chewing food Chewing […]

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger a spice that is most commonly used all over the world. It is among the most delicious and healthiest spices. It has nutrients and bio-active compounds that benefit our bodies and the brain. Below are some of the health benefits of using ginger:- Medicinal purposes Ginger belongs to zingiberaceae family and is closely related […]

Living with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia that affects over 70% of all people with dementia. Alzheimer’s affects mostly old people with 3 in every 10 people having dementia. It damages the brain resulting in impaired memory. Alzheimer’s disease can be either sporadic or familial. Sporadic Alzheimer’s disease is not so common but can affect anyone of […]

Cyber crime watch: hacks that turned heads in 2017

Shadow brokers Mysterious hacking group known as the Shadow Brokers first surfaced in August 2016, claiming to have breached the spy tools of the elite NSA-linked operation known as the Equation Group. The Shadow Brokers offered a sample of alleged stolen NSA data and attempted to auction off a bigger trove. This April, though, marked the group’s […]

how to travel the world on budget-(bag-packing)

Pack light With backpacking, your mantra should always be pack light. Only pack the essentials in order to avoid weighing yourself down when you are hiking or running for a train. Leave your favorite jewelry or sentimental stuff back at home. Only pack what you can easily replace without financial constraints, also it will be cheaper in […]