Lifestyle diseases: Types of lifestyle diseases and common triggers

Nowadays lifestyle diseases have started affecting kids as well. Technology has played a huge role in more uncommon diseases unheard off during our grandparent’s teenage days. Video games, laptops and other technological factors have made people if this generation to be less physical in their activities. Unlike reputable diseases like  malaria, cholera which can be […]

Avoid smelly feet with these simple tips

Use the following tips to avoid smelly feet Wear the correct kind of shoes and socks There are some guys who sweat when wearing particular kind of shoes hence you can choose to wear the shoes that make you comfortable and less sweaty. Materials such as nylon can trap moisture around your feet. On the […]

Benefits of Working Out

Having regular exercise is not only healthy; it helps keep your body fit, improves your energy levels and helps keep diseases at bay. It can help prolong your life, make you feel more happy and at ease with yourself, help you lose weight and strengthen your bones. Individuals, who regularly work out according to a […]

How to Communicate in a Relationship

Communication is really important for a relationship to work. Most relationships fail because of lack of a clear communication system. Below are some of the tips to use:- Honesty Being completely honest with your partner is very important. Many people pretend that they are happy for the sake of their partner’s happiness and in actual […]

Tips to use to reduce bloating

Bloating is a condition that occurs after you have eaten where your stomach feels swollen. It is usually caused by excess gas production and movements of muscles of the digestive system. This can lead to increased pressure and discomfort.However, in some people, bloating is caused mostly by increased sensitivity where they feel as if there […]

Tips on How to Make Money with your Blog

Are you looking to turn your blog into your biz? , sponsored posts are one of the ways you can start monetizing your blog! If you are not ready to pitch to brands for paid sponsored posts, doing a post in exchange for a product is a great way to start . As long as […]

Replacing caffeine with healthier alternatives

Caffeine is a drug which is found in most of the beverages and can either have positive or negative effect in our bodies. It can have a positive effect on our bodies if it is taken in small proportions. On the other hand it can have adverse effects on our bodies if it’s abused and […]