Best Natural Laxatives Foods

 A healthy diet can have a positive influence on your body.There are plenty of foods that can act as a natural laxative. keeping the body hydrated is really important. drinking plenty of water is always a good way of keep yourself hydrated. water helps you from being constipated, though it is not the only thing […]

what are the best cancer fighting foods?

Having a healthy diet is very important especially for a cancer patient. It can be a healthier alternative if you eat healthy foods such as fruits and avoid unhealthy foods which have sugary substances such as chocolates, ice-cream, sweets etc. Cancer patients should observe their diet especially during Chemo therapy.   Below are some of […]

living with diabetes? the dietary needs

Diabetes is a deadly chronic disease that has affected a large number of people worldwide. Diabetes which is not controlled may have serious complications such as heart and kidney disease, blindness etc. Maintaining a low carbohydrate intake can really help reduce and prevent blood sugar spikes as well as greatly reduce the overall risk of […]

How to beat Insomnia through healthy eating

Everyone needs to sleep so as to rejuvenate not only the mind but the body as well.  Drink green tea Drink plenty of green tea instead of coffee which usually contains caffeine which can affect your sleep. Avoid flavored drinks as well because they contain a lot of sugar which can make you a bit […]

Importance of working out

Some of the benefits of exercising include the following:- Increase strength and flexibility Body builders who lift weights help to improve their muscle strength and mass. It helps keep their bones strong and at the same time to burn calories. Exercises such as stretching helps increase your body’s flexibility. Perform better at work According to a […]

Soul-mate: Signs that show she is the one

Love For a relationship to work there must be a strong connection between you and your partner. For you to know she is the “one”, both of you must love each other very much, in that, you can do anything to save the relationship even when there is trouble in paradise. You love yourself second […]

Importance of doing Yoga every morning

Yoga is a way of living that aims to improve our overall health and mind. It is generally recognized as an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices. There are several types of yoga that you can incorporate into your routines. Some of the most common ones include Sirsasana, Hartha, Hot yoga, Vinyasa etc. Benefits […]

Migraine or headache? How to know if you have a migraine

A migraine is a bit different from a normal headache. They usually cause severe throbbing pains especially on one side of the head and are usually accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness, bright flashes, nausea and vomiting.  They can last for up to 72 hours if left untreated. A headache on the other hand […]