Cancer the silent killer


Cancer is a group of diseases which lead to the abnormal growth of cells which have the potential to invade and spread to other parts of the body. Although not all tumors are cancerous. Benign tumors do not spread to other body parts and possible signs would include abnormal bleeding, a lump, excessive weight loss and maybe a change in bowel movements.

Possible causes of Cancer

Environmental Factors

This is one of the major contributors of Cancer with a 90-95% chance. Some of these factors include:-

  • Tobacco –Tobacco is one of the major causes of Cancer with about a 22% of Deaths Worldwide.
  • Pollution- Pollution can also lead to cancer.

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Infections from radiations and other environmental pollutants can also lead to Cancer. These infections include Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Inherited Genetics

A good number of people get Cancer due to their genetic defects inherited from their parents.  5-10% of Cancer is due to inherited defects.

Obesity and poor diet

Poor Diet and Lack of physical activity account for almost 10% of Cancer. Excessive Alcohol also can lead to cancer.

Prevention Measures

  • Avoid Smoking

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  • Maintain a healthy weight and avoid drinking excessive alcohol.
  • Eat plenty of Vegetables, fruits and Grains.

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  • Seek Medical attention so as to avoid any infections and get vaccinated for various infections.

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  • Avoid eating too much meat and too much sunlight exposure.

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The most common types of cancer in males are Prostate Cancer, Stomach Cancer, and Lung Cancer.

Females on the other Hand mostly suffer from breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and skin cancer.

Children mostly suffer from brain tumors, Leukemia.

It is important that you always go for screening so as to avoid and detect Cancer when it is still early for proper treatment and medication.

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