headaches during pregnancy? what are the common causes

Headaches are most commonly experienced during pregnancy especially during the first and third trimesters.


Some of the common causes of headaches include:-


Sometimes we might get headaches as a sign that our bodies are dehydrated.  Hence it is essential that you always keep yourself hydrated especially during pregnancies.

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We all get stressed sometimes when our projects don’t go as planned. What usually follows is a headache. It usually occurs because we are straining and thinking a lot of solutions and strategies we could use to overcome challenges. Pregnant women can get headaches when they are stressed.



When we are really tired due to overworking or sometimes due to lack of sleep, we usually get severe headaches. Pregnant women should avoid strenuous jobs and have plenty of sleep to keep headaches at bay.


Caffeine Withdrawal

It is not advisable to drink caffeine especially if you are pregnant. Withdrawal can be difficult and headaches may start to appear as one of the symptoms.



Sometimes when we are hungry, we usually get headaches as a sign. Pregnant women should ensure that they have eaten well for the growth of their baby and to avoid getting headaches.

Strong Odors

Sometime we get headaches as a result of very strong Odors. If you’re pregnant you can avoid perfumes which are really concentrated so as to avoid getting headaches.

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Low Blood Sugar

Pregnant women can also experience headaches when their blood sugar level drops.

How to deal with headaches during pregnancy

  • Get plenty of rest so as to avoid strenuous activities.
  • Sometimes you could get headaches due to the posture resulting from the extra weight you’re carrying, so to avoid it you can practice good postures.
  • Eat healthy food and do plenty of exercise.
  • Ensure that you always stay hydrated.
  • If the headaches persist seek medical advice.

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