Diet needs of an infant

A healthy nutrition is essentially good for the growth and development of an infant especially in the first year of its life. At this age, the infants require special treatment and it is ideally important that they are fed a healthy diet to ensure that they grow and develop appropriately without any complications. When growing infants are fed the appropriate types and amounts of foods their health is promoted.

Iron fortified Foods

As from six months your baby is likely ready to start eating solid foods which are iron-fortified. You could feed your infants rice cereal with infant formula or breast milk. Iron fortified foods help promoting the immune system of the baby and at the same time help them to ensure that they are properly nutrified.

Breast Milk

It is usually recommended that infants are below six months should feed on their mothers breast milk. Mothers who cannot feed their infant breast milk can offer their babies infant formula to help meet the nutritional requirements. This will help give the baby get the necessary nutrients.

Transitional Foods

When your infant reaches 8 months old he would probably be ready to start eating iron-rich strained meats which can help promote its health. Foods such as egg yolks, oat, bananas, soft meat sticks, soft cheese etc are also beneficial and hence would be recommended you introduce them into the infants diet.

Finger foods

The perfect age for introducing finger foods to babies is between 7 and 8 months of age. This is called the Baby led weaning where some of the babies begin to eat solid foods by eating “finger foods” rather than pureed foods.

Strained fruits

Fruits and vegetables are usually very nutritious for babies. Fruits have a lot of proteins and are rich in vitamin c which is extremely important especially during the development of the baby.

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