First Date Outfit Ideas

I would like to congratulate you for that hot date with that lovely girl. It has been a journey from spotting her, making that effort to have a conversation with her and finally she agrees to have that date probably with all sorts of conditions. And it is because of that courage in you that now you have a date and not just a date but also a first date. Remember you don’t need a second chance to make that first best impression


Classic casual.

The ultimate question running through your mind is what you are going to wear. Is it official, casual or sloppy don’t you worry. So let’s get down to business and get to know the outfits to go for when it’s at night and during the day. The outfits will run from casual to a little bit dressy.


Day Time Dates Wear

For a day time date get to casual. Probably the old school style where you pick a pair of boots, a pair of dynamite lightly distressed denim pants (the super dark ones save them for an evening date) and for a shirt, a t-shirt would be appropriate, probably a V-neck fitted one and a leather jacket will absolutely rock that look. If you don’t like or feel the look the next one will be a good choice too.

chino trao.jpg

This one is still casual but it will be a little bit dressier. Go for chino and maybe a lightweight V-neck sweater, and for the shoes a mid-range loafer would do and make sure to wear matching and coordinating socks. When it comes to pants go for a nice lightweight casual cochino, which are not too dressy like pleated khakis and not too casual. They are a little dressier than jeans.

cochino traouser.jpg

Night Time Dates Wear

It is okay to rock jeans but it is better if you take it a notch higher in terms of dressing. It’s fun to have a playful shoes and they should be nicer than the casual ones you wore during the day. The jeans definitely should be dark denim and for a shirt, a simple fitted white oxford will absolutely rock. There is something about the clean simplicity that you will love because this option is not too flashy or flamboyant and you can’t go wrong rocking this.

dates clothes

The next option, you can take it up one more dressy level. Maybe the date as planned will involve several activities such as dancing, therefore you need to dress up a notch higher. You can never go wrong with a nice dark monochromatic look; charcoal grey slacks, lightweight V-neck sweater, where the sweater is on top of a white collared shirt though you can rock any other colour other than white and a pair of simple black slip-on loafer shoes.

Gentleman, now you know how to rock on your first date, if the date goes well you will be the lucky one. Thank me later.


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