How to Dress Your Body Type

We are all created in His Own image and likeness, though we are unique and stillborn in different times, with different shapes and sizes. From this perspective, I would like us to agree that not all of us have proportional body shapes, therefore I’m here to let you know that your body size and shape look awesome; it’s only that you have not found the perfect way to dress that body and make you look great.


The thing is if we were all same then I wouldn’t be writing this article. The reality at hand is that we are of different length, sizes and shapes. Some are tall, others short, skinny and some plum. The great news is that if you understand your body and clothing and how to integrate the two, you can make perfect your shape and look super cool. Let us look into some body shapes and how to style them and look good:

  1. Skinny type


If you’re a skinny person, you need to dress in a manner you add visual look without being baggy. Remember dark colour make you look smaller and brighter colours make you look larger. So if you are skinny, do away with dark colours and try to embrace lighter shades.


In terms of patterns you need to avoid big and bold patterns. Instead, opt for smaller tighter patterns. Also horizontal patterns will look great for you and make sure the fabric fits you correctly.

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Horizontal patterns are terrible for a huge person since they will make you look larger and wider than how you are actually instead go for vertical stripes and dark colours and you will look a little slimmer.

  1. Do not wear big and baggy attire.


It’s wrong to believe that a big person cannot dress fitting clothes. For suiting men, I recommend dark colours the likes of navy, black and others, and have a peak lapel something a little bit wider. Another thing that helps is a lower stud where the button is; the lower the better.

  1. A short person


Good news is 30% of the world’s population is short people. If you are shorter than 5 ft 5 in (men) or 5 ft 0 in (women), you are considered as a short person. So many dressing disadvantages come with being short, since most of the clothes sold in stores are made according to proportions of height and size, and being short, means you generally won’t find any fitting outfit. This should not discourage you since the brilliant minds out here have come up with the ideas of dressing short people so look out for these stores that sell outfits to your according to your proportions.

  1. A super tall person


Being in this category should not deter you from getting in a clothes store and find your length and size as they are proportionally made.

  1. Unbalanced body

This is when you have a big top and small under or thin legs. I recommend you go dark up top and lighter at the bottom – for example, grey – and this will make you look balanced.

When you have a big up top and a small down below, I recommend you go dark with your pants and lighter up top, it is actually going to make your bottom half look smaller your upper half or your torso look larger.


You and I we are born having amazing symmetrical proportions take time to understand fit, colour, clothing and how it actually relates to you and your body. You are going to be amazed at how you can actually change the look and things that you thought were ugly to you. Regardless of the shape you are tall, short, big or small I think you are perfect just the way you are.


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