Importance of doing Yoga every morning

Yoga is a way of living that aims to improve our overall health and mind. It is generally recognized as an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices. There are several types of yoga that you can incorporate into your routines. Some of the most common ones include Sirsasana, Hartha, Hot yoga, Vinyasa etc.

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Benefits of Yoga

Improved strength and flexibility

Yoga is a great activity that helps to increase your strength and make you more flexible. It is especially good for diabetics, people with high blood pressure or heart disease. Some of the techniques used also help to build the muscles thus increasing your strength.

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Helps relieve stress

Breathing and meditation techniques used in Yoga may help to relieve stress and improve on your health and well- being.

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Perfects body posture

Some of the techniques used in Yoga such as stretching helps to improve on body posture and helps protect your spine. They also help in preventing cartilage and joint breakdown.

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Helps in curing insomnia

Sirsasana one of the Yoga techniques usually helps in curing insomnia. It helps to increase blood flow to the brain thereby increasing concentration. It is equally useful ti individuals suffering from poor blood circulation, headaches etc.People, Woman, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness


Boost memory

Yoga helps in increasing blood flow circulation. Increased blood flow to the brain can also help boost memory.

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Cures Vertigo

Vertigo is usually a symptom of dizziness mostly characterized by a sensation of spinning and miss-balance. It mainly affects parts of the inner ear which monitors the directions of motion. Yoga postures are necessarily useful because they can help cure vertigo since it helps to increase blood circulation to the brain, increased focus and increased concentration.  However, it has been proven that certain yoga postures improve balance and stimulate the nervous system, thus removing vertigo from the system definitively.


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