Is she my soul-mate?


For a relationship to work there must be a strong connection between you and your partner. For you to know she is the “one”, both of you must love each other very much, in that, you can do anything to save the relationship even when there is trouble in paradise. You love yourself second and always love her first by always putting her feeling first.


She might be the one if she makes you feel happy all the time. When you don’t speak for like a week, you feel like your whole world is crumbling down. You feel like something is missing and when you finally manage to speak and make-up, you feel happy.

No Awkward silence

Communication is especially important in every relationship. Meeting your “soul mate” means that you have to thrive from your conversational stand point. You have to enjoy each other’s company especially the talks going past mid-nights. There shouldn’t be any awkwardness when you’re with your soul mate. If you find yourself in awkward conversations every time, then maybe she might not be the one for you, though, some may argue that they may be shy.

Finding yourself apologizing even when you’re not in the wrong

Couples will always argue in relationships, but when you really care about your partner, you might find yourself apologizing even when you’re not in the wrong. This shows that he/she might just be the one for you to settle down with and start a family.


You keep thinking of her every time

 It’s always good to fall in love. If you find yourself daydreaming about her all the time then maybe she might just be the one for you. When you miss your partner, you always want to meet up and spend time with her.

You start missing her as soon as you say goodbye

You may be traveling abroad for work or you’re dropping her off at her place and as soon as you leave, you find yourself missing her very much. When this keeps happening to you every time you drop her off, then it might be a good time for you to start thinking of settling down with her.


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