Bomber Jacket

The bomber or flight or army jackets came in to existence during the first World War. They were worn by the military men during bombing by the pilots, hence the name bomber jacket. During the journey by the pilots, many cockpits lacked on an enclosed space, it allowed cold wind to go to the pilot. The pilots began wearing long leather jackets to counter the cold. The long jackets minimized the ease of movement. The American government created an aviation clothing Board after joining the War. The Board came up with the jacket which led to the next evolution of the bomber jacket.


The bomber jacket comes in wider variety of textures and different style suiting all tastes and seasons. They include light weight waxed cotton for the summer/springs.Warm fully lined leather or suede for winter.

light Bomber Jacket.png

Light weight Jacket for Summer

Bomber 11.png

Warm Fully lined Jacket 

A well shoulder fitted bomber jacket is naturally considered the best. Avoid buggy or oversize shoulders and any creasing around your shoulder blades, this is sign the jacket is too tight. On the chest, it should comfortably fit, with little to no added weight. Go for something that will be fitting whether zipped up or left open. The best looking bomber jacket should land on top of your trousers or slightly above to elongate the appearance.

Bomber 12.png

The bomber collar extends up a little, that frames the neck. The reason for it extending up was meant to protect the wearer from high altitude winds, this makes it a distinctive part of its look. Go for a roll neck finish and avoid design that goes too high up the neck.

fully lined bomber jacket.png

For fully lined, the sleeves will be padded with a thick material and inner lining. This makes it a little bulkier to match with the rest of the jacket. If you want slimmer fit nylon design, make sure the sleeves are well fitted and have the right amount of stretch. Bomber jackets have a unique ending design of knitted cuff that fits around your wrist. It should end on or above your wrist bone.

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