The Do’s and The Don’ts of Gym Wear

Gym wear! Why would I look stylish at the gym with all the stinking sweat? It might be a non-issue to look stylish at the gym, but suppose you are in your twenties and you looking for this sweet dude or girl to spend your productive time with.

Style doesn’t stop because you will always be around tons of people and they are watching. So, you still need to look sharp, muscular, super sexy and you don’t want to look like a humungous douche. Therefore, we need to talk about what to wear to look your best when you are around the gym.

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When it comes to style of shoes at the gym it really boils down to function trumping fashion. Those shoes need to be appropriate for the given activity you are going to be doing. If you are playing basketball, racquetball, tennis or if you are cross-training running, pick a style of shoe that is appropriate for the given activity, and make sure that it is clean. Let us talk about the other gym wear:

  1. Shorts


Just because you exercising don’t go for a long baggy short, more so if you are short, since you will end up looking shorter than you really are and your curves cannot be visible. Instead, go for athletic shorts and they have a wide range of variety of different lengths and in seams. They are awesome when running but also good with working out.

  1. Tights



These work best when worn underneath their gym shorts, more so in colder months. They look great and they are incredibly comfortable.

  1. Workout pants or sweat pants

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Big baggy pants make one look short and fat. It is appropriate when you get perfect fit pants and you will look incredible and be comfortable. The good thing about sweat pants is that you can wear them to your gym, while riding a bike or when hanging out to the grocery store and still look amazing.

  1. T-shirt

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Look for a t-shirt with sleeves that are high, not too super long, fitted through the body without being skin-tight, nice and snug throughout the chest. Get a circular or a V shape t-shirt.

  1. Tank tops

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These tops look great on some people but not all. I don’t think they are appropriate for the gym since there are a lot of other great options out there. If you want to rock a tank top, go with something that is tight through the chest and a little bit looser through the body.

The above items will go a long way in maintaining your style, plus you will be doing a great deal to your body and health, therefore keep fit.

Post Author: fashionworld72