The Primary accessories Every Man Needs and Must Have.

There are those nice accessories that separate you from other dudes. It evident that you will still look awesome in those pants and shirt, since no one else can rock them the way you do. The issue is ‘what can make you stand out from a group of men dressed in some awesome looking shirts and pants’? Accessories! They are going to boost your look and outfit from average to extraordinary. Here are the accessories every man eyeing the extraordinary look should have:

  1. A tie

Am assuming you a little bit equipped with colours but also be careful on the one you choose.


  1. A tie bar

This holds your tie in place especially in case of wind so that you don’t have to be disturbed to maintain the look.

  1. A pocket square


A tie bar and a pocket square adds nice looks to your outfit. This makes you look super fine and everyone around you will be coming up to you and ask for your autograph.

  1. A pen

With the entire look and everyone asking for your autograph, you will need a pen.

  1. A watch



According to me, a watch is the best accessory a man could wear. A watch whether expensive or cheap you can help you rock it.

  1. A pair of sunglasses

This improves your look, and please rock sunglasses when it is sunny, not inside the house. It defeats the whole purpose.

  1. A wallet

images (12)

Get a silk slim wallet and do away with the big wallet that go around informing everyone that you have one in your pocket.

  1. A scarf


Invest in a light casual scarf, not only because it is for the cold evenings but also because it looks stylish.

  1. Baseball hat

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Not everyone look awesome in a hat but for those who look great, get one and improve your style.


Post Author: fashionworld72