what are the best cancer fighting foods?

Having a healthy diet is very important especially for a cancer patient. It can be a healthier alternative if you eat healthy foods such as fruits and avoid unhealthy foods which have sugary substances such as chocolates, ice-cream, sweets etc. Cancer patients should observe their diet especially during Chemo therapy.


Below are some of the foods that Cancer patients should eat:-


Rice, noodles, wholegrain bread, oat meals, maize, potatoes, beans, dairy products are all rich in carbohydrates which are essentially good for the body.

Spaghetti, Pasta, Noodles, Italian, Eat


Fruits such as Oranges are rich in vitamin C which is essentially good for your bodies as it helps to nourish the body. Apples, Avocados, Bananas, Mangoes, pears and strawberries are also good for vitamins and nutrients.

Apricots, Sugar Apricots, Fruit, Fruits


Not all yogurts are good. The most beneficial type of yogurt is Plain yogurt which is essentially good for your overall health. Flavored yogurt should be avoided at all costs because they have a lot of sugar which might not be so good for your health. Plain yogurt is easy to eat and promotes healthy digestion.

Yogurt, Fruit, Vanilla, Strawberries


Green vegetables are essentially good for our bodies. Vegetables such as turnips, carr​ots, peas, pumpkin are essentially rich in vitamins which is very healthy for our bodies. They can reduce the risks of getting deadly diseases such as cancer as well as the risk of a relapse if you had previously been cured of cancer.


Some of the foods to avoid include the following:-

  • High fiber foods –Patients should shy away from foods with high-fiber as it is not good for their health. Some of these foods with high fiber include raw fruits and vegetables etc.
  • Hot and spicy foods –Cancer patients should really avoid food with hot peppers and spices.
  • Excessive intake of salt and sug​ar.
  • Fatty, greasy, or fried foods-Foods with fatty acids such as fried meat, fried chips, fried fish should be really avoided as these may cause unnecessary complications to cancer patients. Red meat and processed meats such as bacon, ham, sausages etc.

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